Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Carnelian....The sexiest crystal in town!

Carnelian, The Sexiest Crystal in Town

O.K., so when you want to turn up the heat a little in the bedroom, this is the stone to use! The color of this stone itself is even quite sexy. The most beautiful pieces of Carnelian range from a deep red to a nice red-orange hue. Where the color comes from isn't quite so sexy actually comes from the iron
impurities in the quartz.....but anyways...

Back in the day, the Carnelian was DA BOMB of crystals.  Only owned by the noble class and if you were considered to be a person of high social status you could be burried with them.  So, let's fast forward to the current century, where luckily all us regular folk can easily get our paws this luscious stone.  

As I was sayin', the color of this stone is this awesome deep red-orange color and that happens to be the pretty much the same color as our Sacral Chakra which is one of the reasons this stone resonates so well with our sexuality.

Our Sacral Chakras are our center for our sexuality, this is where our drive comes from. Keeping this Chakra clear and letting the energy flow freely through it helps the libido......if you know what I'm talking about ;) wink wink

When your Sacral Chakra is blocked or not functioning like it should be, well...... neither is your sex life, sorry to say.

In addition to helping our libido out, the Carnelian also gives us energy, give us confidence, creativity and even helps with our sense of humor!  Yes, we need all of these things in the bedroom, am I right? 

How sexy does this stone sound to you so far? 

So, what do you do with this crystal now that you know you need it?  Well, there are a few different ways you can use it.  

1. Meditate with it
2. Use it in an elixer (Don't have time to make a full batch of elixer?  Simply plop one in your bottled water next time you run out the door, it works just as good)
3. Carry it with you (Put it in your pocket, purse or wear as jewelry)

The Carnelian is one of my favorite stones and I carry one with me everyday.  I also use it in an elixer about every day too.... It helps give me that little boost of energy I need to get me through the day.  It also helps with concentration which is great for us working folk who have to stare at computers and crunch numbers all day long.  Also, Carnelian is a Chalcedony which was once thought to still the blood and calm the temper which is also good for us working people so we don't attack our co-workers when they ask us dumb questions.

Now for the scientific stuff.... I always get asked this stuff so I want to put it out there.  Carnelian is a quartz based crystal, made of silicon dioxide but it is actually a micro crystalline crystal so it doesn't grow into that traditional 6 sized haxagon shape that a clear quartz does.  It also has a mohs hardness of 7 which means that you can cleanse it with water (you always want to check this before putting your crystals in water).

So!  This is why the Carnelian truely is the SEXIEST crystal in town.

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